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Russell Wilson

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Football Player

The Resume

    (November 29, 1988- )
    Born in Cincinnati, Ohio
    Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks
    Attended North Carolina State University and University of Wisconsin
    Drafted with the 75th pick in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft
    Married r&b singer, Ciara (July 6, 2016)

Why he might be annoying:

    His great-great grandfather was a slave to a Confederate general.
    He asked for a release from his football scholarship at North Carolina State with one year of eligibility remaining.
    Jon Gruden commented that his 5' 11 height made him too short to be a starting quarterback
    He earned endorsements for Levi's and Nike.
    He is a devout Christian who posts a daily Bible verse on Twitter.

Why he might not be annoying:

    His father died from complications related to diabetes in 2010.
    At University of Wisconsin, he led the team to the Rose Bowl (2012).
    He was also drafted by the Colorado Rockies (but he chose to continue at North Carolina State).
    'Sports Illustrated' compared him to Drew Brees.
    He is involved with numerous charities.

Credit: Birdienest81

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