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The Tenderloins

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The Resume

Why they might be annoying:

    Joe left both 'The Tenderloins' and the Impractical Jokers TV show to focus on family issues, after his split with ex-wife Bessy Haggar (December 31, 2021).
    Although they all attended high school together, Q wasn’t technically one of the original founding members of 'The Tenderloins.'
    Mike Boccio, who was in fact the original member left the group in 2007, and Q later on joined the group after leaving his job as a firefighter.
    After winning the 'It's Your Show' talent competition, they pitched their show 'Mission: Uncomfortable', to Spike, but the network never picked up the series.
    On 'Mission: Uncomfortable', the members would oftentimes play pranks on each other, even when the cameras stopped rolling. ('And the number one person they would play pranks on the most was Murr').
    Both Joe and Murr started losing their hair in early years of high school.
    What kind of a name is 'Tenderloins'?
    With the exception of Murr, they are very fat.
    3 of them have a natural fear of very childish things: Q has a fear of spiders and tarantulas, Murr has a fear of flying and Sal Vulcano has a fear of both cats and heights.
    Joe Gatto belted out 'Larry!' at the top of his lungs from time to time, even though Larry Crisci is a crew member who didn't appear on camera.
    Larry Crisci got tired of being the butt of this particular joke and sued the Impractical Jokers show’s producer for $500,000, because of it (Larry's name hasn't been yelled out since 2016).

Why they might not be annoying:

    The guys all met each other while first attending Monsignor Farrell High School, and have been best friends ever since (1990).
    All of the jokers are of Irish and Italian descent, with Sal Vulcano also being of Italian, Cuban and Puerto Rican descent.
    Their Impractical Jokers TV show, made all the jokers into megastars.
    Although Spike never picked up the 'Mission: Uncomfortable' show, they changed the name to 'Impractical Jokers' and truTV did give them a chance (2011).
    Their Impractical Jokers show makes a lot of teens and depressed people happy with their improv and comedic monologues.
    They have their own YouTube channel, with some of their much older skits from back in 1999 and 2007 being shown on the channel, that was never shown on their Impractical Jokers show on truTV.

Credit: Eddie Burphy

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