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Bianca Belair

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The Resume

    (April 9, 1989- )
    Born in Knoxville, Tennessee
    Birth name is Bianca Nicole Blair
    Wrestles for WWE
    Track and Field Athlete
    CrossFit coach and powerlifter
    Playable character in 'WWE 2K19,' 'WWE 2K20' and 'WWE 2K22'

Why she might be annoying:

    She always wears that big ass long braid while always wrestling in the ring.
    She has a ego out of this world, as she thinks she can beat every female wrestler that comes near her way in the ring.
    She often uses her long braid to do jumping jacks and jump rope while working out in the gym (that's sort of funny, but also very weird).
    She has a very irritating baby voice, and often uses it to belittle other female wrestlers in the ring.
    She never wanted to wrestle, she basically joined WWE on a whim in 2016, as it was never really her first choice.
    She went by outlandish ring names like Binky Blair, before settling with Bianca Belair instead.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her favorite colors are blue and gold, with blue being her favorite color of lipstick to wear often while wrestling in the ring.
    She admitted that she is both a tomboy and girlie girl both at the same time. She says she doesn't mind playing dress up while kicking ass in the ring.
    She is very ripped.
    She admitted that she suffered with depression and was a bulimic during her years in high school, mainly due to the fact of her being more bigger than the other girls while running track on the field.
    Her confidence is very calculating and through the roof, and is actually very entertaining to watch.
    A lot of people think her long braid is extensions and not real, but yes (her long braid is actually her real hair that she took time growing over the years).
    She owns both a labrador and boxer dog.
    She was a great track and field star, and also has a track and field career. However, if wrestling doesn't work out, she'll have tracking as a backup plan just in case.
    While doing track and field, she also participated in CrossFit training. She was so great at it, that she decided to become a CrossFit competitor as well as a powerlifter.
    She attended 3 colleges, which were University of South Carolina, Texas A&M University and the University of Tennessee with honors.
    She has her own action figures and barbie dolls made of her on the internet.
    She resembles Naomie Harris.
    She has a great sense of fashion, and is very beautiful whenever she's wearing different color lipsticks.
    She has a lot of talent as both a wrestler and track and fielder.

Credit: Eddie Burphy

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