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The Resume

    (October 17, 1933-March 29, 1985)
    Birth name was Jeanne-Paul Marie Deckers
    Also known as Soeur Luc Gabriel, Sister Luc-Gabrielle, Soeur Sourire, Sister Smile, Luc Dominique
    Recorded 'Dominic (Dominique)'

Why she might be annoying:

    Jeez, what's with all those monikers?
    She went to art school but got discouraged and quit.
    She was never close to her family and felt that joining a convent was a way out.
    She had recorded 'Dominique' and a few other songs only to give them as a gift to her fellow sisters. She wasn't looking for fame and was completely uncomfortable with it.
    She was often mistaken for Sally Field's 'The Flying Nun.'
    Hollywood, trying to capitalize on her fame and the success of 'The Sound Of Music,' rushed to put together a sappy, abysmal movie version based on her life. 'The Singing Nun,' starring Debbie Reynolds, was so forgettable, one critic stated: 'your mind may flush it away before it's even over.'
    Her Mother Superior gave her so much grief over the fame she eventually left the convent and did a 180, recording the album 'I Am Not a Star,' and taking on controversial subjects (1967).
    In 'The Golden Pill' she sang in praise of birth control pills, which outraged the Pope and a majority of Catholics.
    A 1967 McCall's magazine article on her had the following subtitle: 'She wears high heels, she smokes a little, and she sings a song in praise of the Pill.'
    Trying to raise money in the 80's, she released an updated electronic version of 'Dominique,' which naturally tanked.
    Broke, hounded and despondent, she and her lover took a fatal combination of downers and alcohol in a suicide pact (1985).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was engaged to a guy, decided marriage wasn't for her, and became a nun, only to leave the order, explore her lesbianism and take up with a life partner - ex-nun and physiotherapist Annie Pescher.
    She wrote 'Dominique' as a tribute to the founder of her Dominican order.
    'Dominique' hit #1 and sold over 1.5 records (November 1963).
    She temporarily displaced The Beatles from the top of the charts.
    She won the Grammy Award for Best Gospel music (1964).
    With her lover, she founded a school for children who suffered from autism.
    During the 80's, the Belgian government said she owed back taxes to the tune of $60,000 from her singing career, even though she had donated all proceeds to the convent as part of her vow of poverty.
    She remains the only Belgium born artist to ever have a #1 hit song in the United States.

Credit: Scar Tactics

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