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Chicago (Band)

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The Resume

    (February 15, 1967- )
    Originally formed as a sextet 'The Chicago Transit Authority' (February 15, 1967)
    Walter Parazaider (March 14, 1945) saxophone/woodwinds
    Lee Loughnane (October 21, 1946) trumpet
    Terry Kath (January 31, 1946-January 23, 1978) guitar/vocals
    Danny Seraphine (August 28, 1948) drums
    James Pankow (August 20, 1947) trombone
    Robert Lamm (October 13, 1944) organ/vocals
    Peter Cetera (September 13, 1944) bassist/vocals (Joined December 1967-Departed 1985)
    Bill Champlin (May 21, 1947) keyboards/guitar/vocals
    Jason Scheff - bass/vocals
    Tris Imboden - drummer
    Keith Howland (August 14, 1964) guitarist
    Released over 25 albums, most are numbered (e.g. Chicago II, Chicago 26)
    Their hits include '25 or 6 to 4,' 'All Is Well,' 'Alma Mater,' 'Along Comes A Woman,' 'The American Dream,' 'Baby What A Big Surprise,' 'Bad Advice,' 'Beginnings,' 'Birthday Boy,' 'Chains,' 'Color My World,' 'Come In From The Night,' 'Dialogue (Part I) (Part II),' 'Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?,' 'Follow Me,' 'Get Away,' 'Goodbye,' 'Hard Habit To Break,' 'Hard To Say I'm Sorry,' 'Heart in Pieces,' 'Hit By Varesse,' 'Hold On,' 'I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love,' 'I'd Rather Be Rich,' 'If You Leave Me Now,' 'I Stand Up,' 'Look Away,' 'Love Me Tomorrow,' 'Make Me Smile,' 'Manipulation,' 'Now That You've Gone,' 'Once in a Lifetime,' 'Only You,' 'Overnight Cafe,' 'Please Hold On,' 'Prima Donna,' 'Remember the Feeling,' 'Rescue You,' 'Runaround,' 'Saturday in the Park,' 'Song For You,' 'State Of The Union,' 'Stay The Night,' 'Thunder And Lightning,' 'Upon Arrival,' 'Victorious,' 'Waiting For You To Decide,' 'We Can Last Forever,' 'We Can Stop The Hurting,' 'What Can I Say,' 'What Kind of Man Would I Be,' 'Where Did The Loving Go,' 'While The City Sleeps,' 'Wishing You Were Here,' 'You're Not Alone' and 'You're The Inspiration'

Why they might be annoying:

    Many of their songs have a similar sound.
    Even when they change members, it is hard to hear a difference in their sound.
    They were forced to change their name when The 'Chicago Transit Authority' objected to them using the name, so they shortened it to 'Chicago.'
    Guitarist Terry Kath killed himself playing Russian Roulette (1978).
    Lead singer Peter Cetera left the band to go on to some success on a solo and duet career, however Chicago's sound still did not change.
    Of the original six plus Cetera, only two were not born in Chicago.
    Lamm was born in Brooklyn and Pankow in St. Louis.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They are second to the Beach Boys as the largest selling group in United States history.
    They brought big brass music into pop rock.

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