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Eileen Bowman

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The Resume

    (May 8, 1966- )
    Born in San Diego, California
    Played Snow White in the infamous, over-the-top opening number at the 1989 Academy Awards

Why she might be annoying:

    She used a strange squeaky voice throughout the number.
    Disney threatened to sue the Academy for copyright violation of its version of Snow White.
    She later described the Oscar act as a 'gay bar mitzah.'
    As if her Oscar number weren't campy enough, she also appeared in 'Killer Tomatoes Eat France!' (1992)
    Her Snow White dress was bought by a male fan who ended up being buried in it.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was an inexperienced actress who thought she was getting her big break.
    She soon suspected the routine would bomb but gamely went through with it.
    She refused to attend the Governor's Ball afterwards dressed as Snow White.
    Martin Landau treated her graciously, saying 'I empathized with her. Poor Snow White. She didn't have the dwarves to support her.'
    She was made to sign a gag order forbidding her from discussing the 1989 Oscars for 13 years. (The Academy denies this.)
    She is a local theater star in San Diego and has been nominated for several awards.

Credit: Georgina

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