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Tila Tequila

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The Resume

    (October 24, 1981- )
    Raised in Houston, Texas
    Lived in a Buddhist temple until she was eight
    Resides in Hollywood, California
    Birth name is Thanh Nguyen
    Began modeling at nineteen
    Featured in the comic 'Saint Sinners'
    Playboy cyber girl
    Models for Feisty Felines
    Stuff Magazine cover (April 2006)
    Competed on 'Surviving Nugent' (2003)
    Star of MTV Reality series 'Shot at Love' (2007)

Why she might be annoying:

    She wrote 'FUCK IT! Life is short ... so I'm going to live the way I want and say whatever the fuck it is that's on my mind ... and if you don't like what I'm all about or what I have to say ... FUCK OFF!'
    Her other nicknames include Tila-T-Gurl, T-Bird and T.
    As a child, she would dress up as a boy and get into fist fights.
    She claims not to sleep.
    She has huge tattoos on her upper arms.
    She asked if she could say a secret word to her fans while being interviewed by Tucker Carlson. The words were 'Donkey Peanuts.'
    She was expelled from high school at 16.
    At 15, she used a fake ID to do underage drinking and getting into clubs. That same year she gave up her virginity and began smoking.
    She has a pay web site.
    Her navel is pierced.
    On her web site bio, she curses ... a lot.
    In order to see the nudes on her website, you have to become a member.
    When asked if she owned any Ted Nugent records at all, she replied 'Just the one he gave me at the end of the show.'
    Ted Nugent said to her, 'Sex is your currency and you are a rich bitch.'

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was the first to log a ¼ billion hits on her MySpace page (April 2006).
    She is ambitious.
    Her family moved to the U.S. when she was an infant.
    At 16, she moved to Queens, NY.
    Due to her popularity, she tells those who try to exploit her 'dude...fuck off! I feel so fucken used!'
    She said: 'I love it how some people that don't know me personally have all these different views and opinions on me.' <<<--- Is she talking to us?
    She doesn't take herself too serious.
    She is happy and bubbly.
    She stood up for the kids in her school who were picked on.
    Although you have to pay to become a member of her site (thus allowing access to her nudes), there are some topless shots of her in her 'Free Photos' gallery.

Credit: Dan

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