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The Goodies

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TV Series

The Resume

    TV series
    On BBC (1970's) then London Weekend TV (1980's)
    Tim Brooke-Taylor
    Grahame Garden
    Bill Oddie

Why The Goodies might be annoying:

    It isn't aired in syndication, for various reasons.
    It was labelled a kids show, but was attacked for having too many sex jokes.
    Somebody died watching the show.
    DVDs have only been released in the UK and Australia.
    It's easily confused for the 'Goonies.'

Why The Goodies might not be annoying:

    The actors used their real names.
    Many folks have fond memories of it and there's a huge cult following on the internet.
    Prince Charles was a fan of the show and wanted to appear on it, but palace officials refused to let him do so.
    The episode 'Kitten Kong' won the Sliver Rose at the Montraux fest in 1972.

Credit: Long Tall Sally

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