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Fall Out Boy

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The Resume

    (2000- )
    Patrick Stumph- Vocals, Guitar
    Joseph Trohman- Guitar
    Peter Wentz- Bass
    Andrew Hurley- Drums
    Recorded hit 'Sugar, We're Going Down'

Why they might be annoying:

    They were unsuccessful until their 4th album ('From Under the Cork Tree').
    In their first hit, 'Sugar, We're Going Down,' the lyrics are very hard to understand.
    What the hell is 'A loaded god complex?'
    Many of their songs have odd names and have nothing to do with the actual song, such as 'Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Century?' and 'Of all the Gin Joints in all the World.'

Why they might not be annoying:

    They won the MTV2 award at the MTV Video Music Awards (2005).
    They become popular in a very short amount of time.
    Their songs are rather catchy.

Credit: TeenGeek

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