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Hill Street Blues

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TV Series

The Resume

    (January 15, 1981-May 12, 1987)
    Originally aired on NBC
    Daniel J. Travanti as Capt. Frank Furillo
    Barbara Bosson as Fay Furillo
    Michael Conrad as Sgt. Phil Esterhaus
    Michael Warren as Officer Bobby Hill
    Charles Haid as Officer Andy Renko
    Veronica Hamel as Joyce Davenport
    Bruce Weitz as Det. Mick Bekler
    Rene Enriquez as Lt. Ray Calletano
    Kiel Martin as Det. Johnny LaRue
    Taurean Blaque as Det. Neal Washington
    James Sikking as Lt. Howard Hunter
    Sgt. Henry Goldblume as Joe Spano
    Betty Thomas as Sgt. Lucille Bates
    Theme written by Mike Post
    One of the first urban police dramas

Why Hill Street Blues might be annoying:

    They originally planned to shoot the series in black and white with 16mm cameras.
    It was filmed in Los Angeles, but had its credit sequence shot in Chicago.
    No episode ever mentioned which city it actually took place in.
    When it was renewed after the first season, it became the lowest-rated series ever renewed for a second season.
    It cast Dennis Franz as a dirty cop and later on as a good cop.
    It had actors whose characters were killed earlier in the series come back for another appearance.
    Michael Conrad's popular character was killed off in the middle of the series run after he died in real life.
    Dominique Dunn made an appearance as a battered woman on the series, with marks on her neck.
    Later it was revealed that the marks were real, and that they were given to her by her boyfriend (and later on, her killer) John Sweeney.
    It never achieved very solid ratings.

Why Hill Street Blues might not be annoying:

    The writers for the show were awarded considerable creative freedom.
    Its first season was nominated for a record 21 Emmys despite low ratings.
    It is considered to be hugely influential in developing television drama to what it is today.
    It was one of the first prime time dramas to use intertwined storylines that would develop over a number of episodes.
    It was renewed again and again on the strength of how critically acclaimed it was rather than its ratings.
    The theme music for the show made the top ten Billboard charts for pop singles.
    Its influence can be seen in shows like 'NYPD Blue' and 'ER.'
    A number of episodes did not have a happy ending.
    It was the first weekly television series to receive $1 million an episode from a television network.
    It tried to present a more realistic portrayal of dealing with crime than most other shows in the police drama genre.
    It anchored the NBC Must See Thursday 10 PM spot. That spot later went to other long running dramas, 'St. Elsewhere,' 'L.A. Law' and 'E.R.'
    Cast member Betty Thomas went on to direct Howard Stern's movie 'Private Parts.'

Credit: Captain Howdy

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