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The Resume

    (March 3, 1845- )
    27th state to join
    Third of eleven states to secede and join the Confederacy
    Seceded: January 10, 1861
    Readmitted: June 25, 1868
    Juan Ponce de Leon found Florida in search for the fountain of youth (1513)
    Nickname: Sunshine State
    Capital: Tallahassee
    Size: 58,560 square miles (ranks 22nd)
    Motto: In God We Trust
    Bird: Mockingbird
    Flower: Orange Blossom
    Tree: Sabal Palm
    Song: Old Folks At Home

Why Florida might be annoying:

    Incompetent voters held up the 2000 election results.
    It is sometimes dubbed as 'America's Wang.'
    Teens and college students flock down to Florida to get drunk and party.
    Cubans risk their lives to defect to America through Florida.
    Alligators are known to invade home swimming pools.
    Many dead bodies have turned up in the canals.
    There is a lot of swamp land, such as The Everglades.
    It is known to have many gangs & also have a high crime rate in many cities.
    It is almost always featured on COPS.
    It is the home of Jeb Bush.
    It has nudist colonies for people that pretend they're into nature & not checking out each other's stuff.

Why Florida might not be annoying:

    Two words: orange juice!
    It has many beaches.
    Retirees settle there.
    It is full of tourist attractions.
    It is one of several homes to internationally known Mickey Mouse.
    It was ranked in People Magazine's 25 Most Intriguing of 2000.
    Spain, England and France laid claim to Florida.
    The oldest still inhabited US city is St. Augustine (1565).
    They have two NBA basketball teams the Miami Heat (1988- ) and the Orlando Magic (1989- ).
    They have three NFL football teams named the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976- ), Jacksonville Jaguars (1995- ) and Miami Dolphins (1966- ).
    They have two major league baseball teams named the Florida Marlins (1993- ), who won a World Series (1997) and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998- ).
    They have two NHL hockey teams the Florida Panthers (1993- ) and the Tampa Bay Lightning (1992- ).
    They had an XFL football team named the Orlando Rage
    TV series 'Flipper,' 'Empty Nest,' 'Golden Girl,' 'Nurses,' and 'Dave's World' were set in Florida

Credit: BattyX3 and Skunk Butt

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