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Robin Williams

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The Resume

    (July 21, 1951-August 11, 2014)
    Won the 1997 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (Good Will Hunting)
    Has a movie career that grossed over 1 billion dollars at the box office
    Films include 'Popeye,' 'The World According to Garp,' 'Good Morning, Vietnam,' 'Dead Poets Society,' 'Cadillac Man,' 'Awakenings,' 'The Fisher King,' 'Hook,' 'Toys,' 'Mrs. Doubtfire,' 'Jumanji,' 'Nine Months,' 'Jack,' 'The Birdcage,' 'Flubber,' 'Patch Adams,' 'Bicentennial Man,' 'One Hour Photo' and 'Night at the Museum'
    Portrayed Mork on 'Mork and Mindy' and Simon Roberts on 'The Crazy Ones'

Why he might be annoying:

    He tried to make the most mundane things a spectacle.
    He said nanoo nanoo.
    He suffered from depression.
    He was an alcoholic and a cocaine addict.
    He named his kids after video game characters.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He's one of the few celebrities that actually got involved with the charities he donates too.
    He ranked #63, in Empire Magazine's Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time.
    He entertained the troops on USO tours.
    He co-hosted 'Comic Relief' shows to raise money for the homeless.

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