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Sierra Dawn Thomas

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TV Reality Show Contestant

The Resume

    Born in Ogden, Utah
    Resides in Roy, Utah
    Contestant on 'Survivor 30: Worlds Apart'
    Member of Escameca (Blue Collar) Tribe
    Fifth place finisher
    College student (at the time she appeared on 'Survivor')

Why she might be annoying:

    She was a college student working towards a Masters but Survivor listed 'Barrel Racer' as her primary occupation.
    Over six feet tall, blonde with long legs and killer bone structure, she wouldn't be able to play down her modeling if she tried!
    She looks like a younger Eileen Davidson.
    Another Parvati fan!
    Peeve: People who chew their food loudly.
    Despite making it far into the game, she did not receive a great deal of airtime.
    Upon college, she chose a rodeo scholarship over a basketball one.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She is a member of the Women's Professional Rodeo Association.
    As a female Blue Collar Tribe member, she had to deal with sexist tribe mates Dan and Rodney.
    Her family runs a stable.
    She loves chocolate milk and would bring it as her island essential.
    She named her parents as her heroes for their positive attitudes.
    An athlete, she plays basketball, volleyball, runs track and cross country.
    She's a pretty girl who loves to rough it as a cowgirl - and a Survivor contestant.
    She studied Criminal Justice with a specialization in Corrections.

Credit: battyx3

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