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The Osmonds

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The Resume

    (1958- )
    Born in Ogden, Utah
    1971 Line-Up:
    Alan Osmond (June 22, 1949- ), vocals and rhythm guitar
    Wayne Osmond (August 28, 1951- ), vocals and guitar
    Merrill Osmond (April 30, 1953- ), vocals and bass guitar
    Jay Osmond (March 2, 1955- ), vocals and drums
    Donny Osmond (December 9, 1957- ), vocals and keyboards
    Regulars on The Andy Williams Show (1962-67)
    Had their own Saturday morning cartoon series (1972-73)
    Recorded the singles 'One Bad Apple' (1971), 'Double Lovin' (1971), 'Yo-Yo' (1971), 'Down By The Lazy River' (1972), 'Hold Her Tight' (1972), 'Crazy Horses' (1972), 'Love Me For A Reason' (1974) and 'The Proud One' (1975)

Why they might be annoying:

    They were turned down by Lawrence Welk.
    Their first pop hit, 'One Bad Apple,' was a blatant imitation of the Jackson 5.
    A sibling rivalry developed between original lead singer Merrill and teen idol Donny.
    Their Mormon-themed concept album 'The Plan' was a flop.
    They became regulars at Branson, Missouri.
    Alan's eight sons perform as 'The Osmonds--Second Generation.'

Why they might not be annoying:

    Their deaf older brothers, Vril and Tommy, handled business matters while the younger siblings performed.
    On the Andy Williams Show, their professionalism got them nicknamed 'the one-take Osmonds.'
    After 'One Bad Apple' hit, they racked up 11 million-selling records in a single year.
    Despite their bubblegum image, they played their own instruments on their albums.
    Their hit 'Crazy Horses' actually rocked and was covered by KMFDM and the Mission.
    After the death of patriarch George Osmond, 120+ members of the extended family appeared in a tribute on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Credit: C. Fishel

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