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Kevin Smith (Director)

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The Resume

    (August 2, 1970- )
    Wrote and directed 'Clerks,' 'Mallrats,' 'Chasing Amy' and 'Dogma'
    Created the TV cartoon 'Clerks: The Animated Series'
    Executive Producer for 'Good Will Hunting'
    Starred in his movies as Silent Bob
    Made a cameo appearance in 'Scream 3'
    Received an honorary degree (Doctor of Humane Letters) from Illinois Wesleyan University (May, 2000)
    Owns the comic book store 'Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash' (Red Bank, New Jersey)
    Wrote comic book stories for Daredevil (1998), Green Arrow (2001), and Black Cat/Spider-Man: The Evil That Men Do (2002-?)

Why he might be annoying:

    Despite his success, he still dresses like a slob.
    He recommended Tim Burton to direct his script for 'Superman Lives,' then left the project because of their creative differences.
    He named his daughter after a Batman character.
    He released three monthly issues of Black Cat/Spider-Man in 2002, then abandoned the project.
    He claims to love New Jersey but moved to Los Angeles.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He cast Ben Affleck in his movies before Affleck was in demand.
    He dated Joey Lauren Adams.
    He makes cult classic films.
    He does not sell out to Hollywood.
    He frequently casts the same group of people, many of which are not Hollywood actors (and never will be).
    His first feature, 'Clerks,' was filmed on an extremely low budget.

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