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50 Cent

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The Resume

    (July 6, 1976- )
    Birth name is Curtis Jackson
    Recorded the albums 'Get Rich or Die Trying' and 'Massacre'
    Recorded 'In da Club,' 'Wanksta,' 'Patiently Waiting,' 'Many Men (Wish Death),' 'How to Rob' and 'Candy Shop'
    Dated Vivica A. Fox (2003)
    Starred in the MTV2 Special '50 Cent House Party' (2005)

Why he might be annoying:

    He was convicted of drug dealing at an early age, as he sold drugs throughout his teen years.
    Even though he eventually stopped dealing drugs, he says that he made many enemies from that experience.
    He was born when his mother was just fifteen.
    He has an ongoing feud with Ja Rule and Ja's record label, Murder Inc.
    He has tattoos on his arms and elsewhere.
    He was dropped from Columbia Records before his first album, 'Power of a Dollar,' was released, due to an incident where he was shot nine times by an unknown assailant (May 24, 2000).
    'Power of a Dollar' has not been officially released to this day.
    According to Time Magazine, he explains that it's 'funny' a while after you get shot.
    It was reported that he bought his 6 year old son a bulletproof vest.
    After losing the Best New Artist Grammy to Evanesence, he walked on stage giving the thumbs down. He was escorted out of the building (February 2004).
    He rapped with Bart Simpson on an episode of 'The Simpsons.'

Why he might not be annoying:

    He survived the shooting.
    He has been frequently compared to Tupac Shakur.
    His father abandoned him and his mother was killed when he was eight.
    Run DMC's Jam Master Jay was his first mentor as a rapper and went on to serve as producer on 'Power of a Dollar.'
    After he recovered from his bullet wounds and was dropped from Columbia Records, he made a name for himself by recording many songs for the underground.
    These songs eventually garnered a lot of attention after they were included in mix tapes that he released himself.
    This led to a high-stakes bidding war among record labels.
    Eminem, who has repeatedly called him his favorite rapper, eventually signed him to a deal to his label, Shady/Aftermath Records.
    'Get Rich or Die Tryin,' which was his first effort for Shady/Aftermath Records, sold over two million copies in its first three weeks.
    He performed a benefit concert for coalition soldies in Iraq.
    He purchased an 18 room mansion from Mike Tyson.

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