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Christopher Crawford

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Why he might be annoying:

    He was originally named Phillip Terry Jr. after his adoptive father (the original Christopher Crawford was returned to his birth mother in 1942).
    He basically 'inherited' the name Christopher after Terry and Joan divorced in 1946, resulting in his name being changed.
    This also resulted in Joan inexplicably changing his birthdate to October 15 (his real birth date is unknown).
    Joan said of him: 'He seemed to enjoy only bad attention and didn't try for any other. That seemed to be the only kind of attention he knew how to apply himself to.'
    He was eventually sent to a military school for high school after running away four times and getting kicked out of school several times.
    There's an ongoing debate over just how abusive his mother really was - even among immediate family (the twins completely deny experiencing any abuse, Christina maintains that she experienced abuse but that the movie exaggerated events, and he himself claimed the book and movie are 100% accurate).
    He and his sister sued Joan Crawford's estate to invalidate their mother's will after she disinherited them.
    A court settlement was reached awarding them $55,000 from their mother's estate (July 13, 1979).

Why he might not be annoying:

    His dad completely waived his parental rights when he divorced Joan.
    He was Left-handed and Joan tried to force him to be Right-handed.
    His sister claimed when they were children he was strapped into his bed at night (according to the book to keep him from masturbating).
    Columnist Radie Harris said he was 'the most enchanting little boy.'
    He left home as soon as he could and moved to Miami where he worked as a lifeguard.
    The last time he saw his adoptive mother was at the age of 19, when he brought his newborn daughter and wife to meet her.
    He said: 'She held the baby for about 10 seconds, I think. I said, Janet, that's your grandmother; she's a very famous lady.’ [She[ said, I'm nobody's grandmother! I'm Aunt Joan! [And] She doesn't look anything like you!'
    He was portrayed by Xander Berkeley in the 1981 film 'Mommie Dearest.'

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