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David Krumholtz

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The Resume

    (May 15, 1978- )
    Born in Queens, New York
    Stars in the TV show 'Numb3rs'
    Appeared in the movies 'Serenity,' 'The Santa Clause,' 'The Santa Clause 2,' 'Slums of Beverly Hills' and '10 Things I Hate about You'

Why he might be annoying:

    He got his big break by playing a grouchy elf in the cheesy Tim Allen flick, 'The Santa Clause.'
    He co-starred in five failed TV shows before 'Numb3rs.'
    The characters he plays are usually either geeks or smart asses.
    Although he plays a mathematician on 'Numb3rs,' he admits that he is horrible at math.
    He has a high-pitched voice.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He auditioned for his first acting role at age 13 for the Broadway play, 'Conversations with My Father,' on a whim, thinking that he would not get the part.
    He won the role of the younger version of the character played by Judd Hirsch, who later played David's father in 'Numb3rs.'
    His performance in 'Numb3rs' has been critically acclaimed.
    He came from a lower-middle class background.
    He did not appear in the ghastly second sequel to 'The Santa Clause.'

Credit: Diplomat

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