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Nina Mae McKinney

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The Resume

    (June 12, 1913-May 3, 1967)
    Birth name is Nannie Mayme Mckinney
    Acted in films 'Hallelujah (1929),' 'Sanders of the River (1935),' 'Gang Smashers (1938),' 'Straight to Heaven (1939),' 'The Devil's Daughter (1939),' 'Dark Waters (1944),' 'Night Train to Memphis (1946),' 'Danger Street (1947),' and 'Pinky (1949).'
    Best known as the Chick in 'Hallelujah (1929)'

Why she might be annoying:

    She was called 'The Black Garbo'
    She is mostly forgotten today due to her lack of success in movies.
    Her parents left her to live with her great aunt at an early age.
    Although signed by MGM to a 5-year contract, she made only two films for them.
    Although slated to appear in 'The Duke is Tops (1942),' due to sickness, she dropped out and was replaced by Lena Horne, who became a star in the film.
    When her career took a nosedive she was incapable of producing a comeback.
    Her death and funeral was obscure to the public.
    Her portrayal of the tempestuous 'Chick' in 'Hallelujah (1929),' was a poor stereotype for black women.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was a triple threat: an actress, a singer, and a dancer.
    While living in Athens, Greece, she was known as 'the Queen of the Nightlife.'
    If she had begun her career today, she would have been a star.
    Her portrait is painted on 'The Wall of Fame' in Lancaster.

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