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Paris Hilton

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The Resume

    (February 17, 1981- )
    Daughter of Richard Hilton and Kathy Richards
    Have a huge trust fund
    Stars with Nicole Richie in 'The Simple Life' (2003)
    Wrote the autobiography Confessions of an Heiress (2004)
    Engaged to Paris Latsis (May-September 30, 2005)

Why she might be annoying:

    The Hilton Sisters' website tagline goes: 'They're young and sinfully gorgeous with multimillion-dollar trust funds, and their families are household names.'
    Paris' favorite movie is 'Zoolander.'
    Paris has been linked romantically with actors such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Edward Furlong.
    Besides being a Hilton heiress with wild antics, she has no other claim to fame.
    She has a reputation of pushing her way to the front of long lines to use the bathroom.
    In 2000, she made an amateur porn tape with Rick Salomon (Shannen Doherty's ex-husband through annullment) that recently leaked out to the public. Her parents immediately released a statement that concluded: 'Anyone in any way involved in this video is guilty of criminal activity, and will be vigorously prosecuted' (November 2003).
    She announced that she may give up her partying lifestyle to spare herself anymore embarrassment (November 2003).
    She dropped out of high school but did get a GED.
    After winning $5,000 in Las Vegas, she bought a tiger, she named London.
    She's a Kabbalah student, mainly because it's trendy.
    She claims to be concerned about animal rights, even though she's been photographed wearing fur.
    She smokes.
    She wore a 'Vote or Die' t-shirt but neglected to register to vote (2004).
    She was overheard referring to an African American man as a nigger.
    She stole and destroyed the catch phrase 'That's Hot!'
    She is being sued for destroying a poster advertising her porno flick and stealing the DVD from a news vendor (January 2005).
    She was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving with a suspended license (May 5, 2007).
    She was arrested for possession of marijuana and a few weeks later for possession of cocaine (2010).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She has a great relationship with her sister, Nicky.
    Before her amateur porn videos surfaced, she enjoyed life and going partying as often as possible.
    She loves to be photographed.
    She was allegedly assaulted by Nick Carter (2004).
    Some information provided by Battyx3
    A man armed with two knives tried to break into her Hollywood mansion at 4:00 am (August 24, 2010).

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