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The Resume

    Formed in Brooklyn
    Santo Farina (born October 24, 1937)
    Johnny Farina (born April 30, 1941)
    Best known for 'Sleep Walk'
    Recorded 'Teardrop,' 'Caravan,' and 'Bullseye!'
    Appeared on The Dick Clark Show and The Perry Como Show

Why they might be annoying:

    They were a one-hit wonder.
    They had more popularity overseas than they did in their home country.
    Their popularity waned in the U.S. by 1960, leading them to disband in the mid '70s.
    Because it is featured in the opening of La Bamba, many wrongfully attribute their Sleep Walk instrumental to Ritchie Valens.

Why they might not be annoying:

    Their father encouraged them to learn the steel guitar and to write their own music.
    They released more than 40 albums overseas.
    'Sleep Walk' was the last instrumental to hit number 1 in the 1950s and earned them a gold record.
    They earned the Golden Kangaroo Award in Mexico for their #1 cover of The Beatles' 'And I Love Her.'
    Their cover of the 'Godfather' Theme broke Italian records as it was top of the charts for more than 25 weeks and earned them a Gold Record in Italy.
    They were inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 2002.
    Their song inspired Stephen King to write his first screenplay, for the 1992 horror film Sleepwalkers. The film features the song as well.

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