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Jersey Shore (MTV)

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Why Jersey Shore (MTV) might be annoying:

    Two of the original eight have no Italian blood whatsoever (one is Hispanic and another is Chilean).
    Largely due to what they viewed as stereotypical misrepresentation, locals and Italian-American organizations alike were never short on beefs.
    Cortese auditioned for but did not make the original season.
    It popularized terms like ‘GTL’ (for gym, tan, and laundry), ‘fist pump,’ and assorted Snooki-isms.
    They are shameless, with some getting considerably more air time than others.
    They inspired a wave of Halloween costumes (her in particular).

Why Jersey Shore (MTV) might not be annoying:

    Contrary to the impressions left by the editing, they do have real-world ambitions.
    If not for the drunken incident in which Snooki was clobbered (but not aired), it may very well have become a distant memory.
    Instead of brand new footage for the third season, production decided it had enough Miami Beach footage from the second season to work with that.
    They appeared on the George Lopez Show in spoofs of popular films (including Avatar).
    Several cast members were spoofed in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (with J-Woww going up against a ‘Snook-alike’).

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