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Jimmie Dodd

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TV Personality

The Resume

    (March 28, 1910-November 10, 1964)
    Born in Cincinnati, Ohio
    Birth name was Ivan Wesley Dodd
    Best known as the MC of 'The Mickey Mouse Club' (1955-58)
    Acted in 'Flying Tigers (1942),' 'Corvette K-225 (1943),' 'Janie (1944),' 'Night and Day (1946),' 'Buck Privates Come Home (1947)' and 'Kidnapped (1948)'
    Died in Honolulu at age 54

Why he might be annoying:

    Growing up he lived with his mother and her four unmarried sisters.
    His mother tried to get the name on his birth certificate changed from Ivan to Jimmie during the Communism witch hunt of the 1950s.
    At times he grew short with the Mouseketeers when their lack of professionalism seeped through.
    When he was let go he took his act (with the studio's consent) to Australia and eventually Hawaii where he was to host 'Jimmie Dodd's Aloha Time,' but died before it aired.
    The studio made his widow wait a full month before disclosing his death.
    He death was attributed to various causes depending on the source - a rare blood disorder, a heart ailment or a form of cancer.

Why he might not be annoying:

    His parents divorced when he was a young boy.
    He was sickly most of his life and had a heart ailment that kept him out of military service.
    He joined a dance act with Tyrone Power, whose mother was also his drama coach.
    In 1951 he won a $1,000 prize for writing the song 'Washington,' which became the official song of Washington, D.C.
    He treated the Mouseketeers fairly, built up a rapport with them and kept in contact with several of them after the show's conclusion.
    He wrote many songs for the 'The Mickey Mouse Club,' including the infamous 'M-I-C- (See you real soon), K-E-Y (Why? because we like you!) M-O-U-S-E.'
    He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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