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Simone Biles

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The Resume

    (March 14, 1997- )
    Born in Columbus, Ohio
    Based in Spring, Texas
    2016 Summer Olympics medalist (one bronze, four gold, U.S. flag bearer for closing ceremony)
    Namesake for the ‘Biles,’ or double flip with straightened-out legs, finishing with a half-twist and landing in the same direction as the running start
    Withdrew from women's individual all around competition at 2021 Summer Olympics, citing mental health struggles (July 27, 2021)

Why she might be annoying:

    Her birth mother was a drug and alcohol addict.
    Her birth father was never a part of her life.
    She had a reputation for being eager to please.
    She is a Justin Bieber fan.
    She was more interested in being on magazine covers than in world titles.
    She was referred to as the Michael Jordan of Gymnastics — although that tends to have more to do with tongue placement than actual status or achievements.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Through her mother, she holds Belizean citizenship.
    She was adopted by her maternal grandparents.
    Having achieved 19 medals by that time, she broke the 20-year-old record for Olympic medals in gymnastics held by Shannon Miller.
    Before the Olympics, she racked up 14 medals in three World Championships — ten being gold and at least one silver or bronze per championship.
    Also before the Olympics, she appeared with Dominique Dawes and Nadia Comaneci in a Tide commercial.
    She is the fourth female American gymnast – and sixth female overall – to win five medals at a single Olympiad.
    Her answer to announcer a crack about her adoptive parents versus her real parents: ‘My parents are my parents and that’s it.’
    And yet, her birth mother Shanon (single ‘n’) witnessed her world stage debut.

Credit: Cool It All Right?

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