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Michael Jackson (Vocalist)

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The Resume

    (August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009)
    Won over 10 Grammys
    Recorded the hits 'Bad,' 'Billie Jean,' and 'Thriller'
    Child celebrity with 'The Jackson Five'
    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee
    Divorced Lisa Marie Presley (May 1994-January 1996)
    Divorced Debbie Rowe (November 14, 1996-October 8, 1999)
    Interviewed by journalist Martin Bashir in 'Living with Michael Jackson: A Tonight Special' (2003)

Why he might be annoying:

    His plastic surgeries changed his skin color.
    He settled out of court for a child molestation case.
    He has a pet monkey.
    He named all his children Michael. His sons are named Prince Michael and Prince Michael II (nicknamed 'Blanket'); his daughter is Paris Michael.
    He suffers with anxiety.
    He made that red leather jacket popular. You know, the one with all those stupid zippers and the mesh shoulder patches.
    He gave Elizabeth Taylor away at her marriage to Larry Fortensky.
    He is a vegetarian, but was seen eatting KFC on a private plane.
    He befriends young boys for sleep-overs, including Corey Feldman.
    He wears a face mask and allegedly sleeps in an oxygen tent.
    He gave his wife Lisa Marie Presley a long uncomfortable kiss during an award show.
    He once took Emmanuel Lewis (Webster) to an award show, and had him sit on his lap.
    He is afraid to fly and has a fear of germs.
    During his special, he had his image digitally darkened.
    He purchased the Beatles catalog of songs and licensed them out for Nike commercials.
    Paul McCartney asked Michael to sell him back the Beatles' catalog at a fair market price, but he refused.
    A search warrant was issued against the Neverland Ranch due to molestation charges by a 12 year old boy (November 18, 2003). Two days later, he turned himself in to the Santa Barbara, California police.
    He claimed that the Santa Barbara Police dislocated his shoulder and man-handled him, even though videotapes suggest that they went out of their way, to make him comfortable.
    He was accused of serving the 12 year old child wine and tried to arouse him with porn (2003).
    During his '60 Minutes' interview he claimed his new CD was #1 in every country except the U.S., however Court TV reported it was not on the billboard #1 in any country (2004).
    He bought a chess set for $89,000.
    He walks around holding an umbrella above his head, even when it's sunny outside.
    He was granted a $66 million bank loan that he is having trouble paying back.
    He was stopped by police after shopping at Wal-Mart wearing a ski mask (February 2004).
    Indicted on charges of child molestation (April 2004). After the indictment he fired his attorneys.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was found not guilty of child molestion (June 13, 2005)
    The Neverland Ranch is a child's dream (hence the molestation lawsuit).
    Ignorant and greedy parents that clearly don't care about their children, leave them with Michael (if you leave your kids with Michael, you deserve to lose your kids; not win big settlements!).
    He created one of the most expensive music videos ever made (Scream).
    He is a victim of child abuse.
    He was thrown into show business when he was a child.
    He's the best selling solo artist of all time.
    He is extremely charitable and founded the 'Heal the World Foundation' (1992).
    He often had to share a hotel room with one of his brothers, who regularly had sex while Michael pretended to sleep.
    His first girlfriend was Tatum O'Neal

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