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Frank Iero

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The Resume

    (October 31, 1981- )
    Born in Belleville, New Jersey
    Rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist for My Chemical Romance, ex-member of Pencey Prep, Sector 12, Hybrid, I Am a Graveyard, and Give Up the Ghost, current member of Leathermouth, and owner of Skeleton Crew
    Owner of Skeleton Crew

Why he might be annoying:

    He smokes.
    He is a vegetarian.
    He has a habit of kissing his bandmate Gerard Way, which led to rumors that they are in a gay relationship.
    He sometimes gets carried away at shows and (accidentally) injures his fellow bandmates.
    He named his favorite guitar 'Pansy.'
    He has many tattoos, including one on his inner lip that says 'N.J.'
    He got a tattoo way up his neck, the reason being he did not want a real job.
    His ears are gaged.
    The side of his lip is pierced.
    He is a college dropout.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He cites his father as his role model.
    He began playing in bands since he was 11.
    He doesn't mind when he and others poke fun at how short he is.
    He has a shirt that says 'Homophobia is Gay.'
    He kisses Gerard just to scare away the homophobes.
    He suffered from bronchitis, ear infections, and mono as a child.
    He owns a company called Skeleton Crew.
    His favorite bands include Black Flag and The Beastie Boys.
    Unlike his bandmates who are total pigs, he always showers in the most unbearable conditions while on tour.
    He is described as very hard working.

Credit: Marvel Gurl

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