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Washington, D.C.

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The Resume

    (July 16, 1790- )
    61 square miles
    Replaced Philadelphia as US capital (June 10, 1793)
    Philadelphia and New York City were leading contenders for a permanent U.S. Capital
    Became seat of U.S. Government (December 12, 1800)
    Incorporated as a city (May 3, 1802)
    District of Columbia was named for Christopher Columbus
    Washington was named for George Washington
    D.C. ceded Alexandria (32 square miles) back to Virginia (1846)
    Georgetown (1751) and Alexandria (1749) incorporated into District of Columbia
    Georgetown and Washington merged into Washington, D.C. (1871)
    Pierre L'Enfant of France (along with Benjamin Banneker), designed the city
    Pierre L'Enfant wanted to call it Capital City
    Thomas Jefferson called it Federal Town
    George Washington preferred the name Federal City
    Streets are named after states
    Originally 100 square-miles was called the District of Columbia
    23rd Amendment allows residents to vote for the president (March 29, 1961)
    Walter Washington was elected 1st mayor (November 5, 1974)

Why Washington, D.C. might be annoying:

    Temperature ranges from -15ºF (February 11, 1899) to 106ºF (July 20, 1930).
    Much of the city was burned by the British during the War of 1812.
    The inhabitants of the city suffer poverty.
    Confederate forces led by General J Early invaded Washington DC (July 11, 1864).
    They had two American League baseball teams named the Washington Senators (1901-60), who won the 1 World Series (1924) and became the Minnesota Twins. The other Senator team (1961-71) became the Texas Rangers (1972).
    Despite leading with two outs in the ninth inning, Washington Senator fans attacked the field and cause the Senators to forfeit their last game to the Yankees (September 30, 1971),
    The Washington Senators lost 6 straight games (3 doubleheaders) in 3 days, to NY Highlanders (Yankees) (September 1, 1906).
    Mayor Marion Barry was arrested in an drug enforcement sting and was sentenced to prison (July 18, 1990).
    It was the location of the first national march of the Ku Klux Klan (August 8, 1925).
    The NBA Washington Capitals folded (January 9, 1951).
    The NHL Washington Capitals lost a record 37 game streak on the road (October 9, 1974-March 26, 1975).
    NHL's Washington Capitals went 25 straight games without a win (0-22-3) (1975-76).
    Baseball's San Diego Padres decided to move to Washington DC, but didn't (1973).

Why Washington, D.C. might not be annoying:

    During the revolutionary war, the North incurred a larger war debt. The Southern states were not interested in sharing the debt, so Alexander Hamilton suggested putting the Capital in the South which appeased the Southern States to contribute to the war debt.
    It is the largest tourist attraction in the U.S.
    It was established as a 10 by 10 mile square by the Residence Act of 1790.
    It is the first major US city to have an African-American majority (1957) and by 2000, they made up 60% of the population.
    Their NFL football team, the Washington Redskins (1937- ), won 3 Super Bowls (1982, 87, 91). They originated in Boston (1932-36) and currently play in Maryland (1997- ).
    Their NBA basketball team, the Washington Bullets/Wizards (1973- ) plays in Landover.
    Bucky Harris at 27 was the youngest baseball manager (February 10, 1924) and Nick Altrock at 57 played a game (October 1, 1933) for the Senators.
    Mickey Mantle hit a 565 foot (172 m) HR in Wash DC's Griffith Stadium (April 17, 1953).
    The TV series 'Murphy Brown,' 'Temperature's Rising,' 'That's My Mama' and '227' were set in Washington DC.
    Some Washington D.C. firsts:
    Bank for blacks organized (Capital Savings of Washington, DC).
    Knights of Pythias formed 1st lodge (February 19, 1864).
    All-black university, Howard University opened (1867).
    Ocean pier in the US (July 12, 1882).
    National Geographic Society organized (1888).
    Miss America, Mary Gorman (September, 1921).
    TV sent via telephone to NYC (April 7, 1927).
    Network news was Dumont's 'News from Washington' (June 16, 1947).
    Prefrontal lobotomy performed (September 14, 1956).
    Beatles 1st live appearance in US; Washington DC Coliseum (February 11, 1964).
    World's first and only liberal arts college exclusively for deaf people (Gallaudet University - 1864). It was chartered by President Abraham Lincoln.
    Landmarks include:
    Arlington National Cemetery (located in Virginia just outside of Washington D.C.), Blair House, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Capitol Building (cornerstone laid - September 18, 1793), FDR Memorial, Ford's Theatre National Historical Site, Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, Holocaust Memorial Museum (dedicated - April 22, 1992), J. Edgar Hoover F.B.I. Building, Jefferson Memorial (cornerstone laid - November 15, 1939), Korean War Memorial, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial (cornerstone laid - February 12, 1915), Museum of Natural History, National Air and Space Museum, National Archives, National Cathedral, National Mall, Smithsonian Museums, Supreme Court, Union Station, Vietnam Memorial (dedicated - November 13, 1982), Washington Monument (dedicated - February 21, 1885), Watergate Hotel and White House (cornerstone laid - October 13, 1792).

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