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Kalush Orchestra

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The Resume

    (2021- )
    Hip Hop-Folk music group
    Based in Ukraine
    Formed from the main rap group Kalush
    Members: Oleg Psiuk, Tymofii Muzychuk, Vitalii Duzhyk, Dzhonni Dyvnyy, and Sasha Tab
    Won the Eurovision Song contest with the song ‘Stefania’ (2022)

Why they might be annoying:

    When they competed to represent Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest they actually came in second.
    They only got the chance to compete after the withdrawal of Pash due to controversy regarding her travel history in Crimea.
    Frontman Oleg Psiuk claimed that due to technical difficulties that occurred during the voting process, Alina Pash had been wrongly chosen as the winner.
    Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne later published the official voting results, confirming that Pash had been correctly chosen as the winner, disproving Psiuk's claim.
    Their winning technically means that Ukraine will host the following year's Eurovision Song Contest (which will be awkward - to say the least - if Russia's invasion of the country is still underway by then).

Why they might not be annoying:

    Unlike its main band, they focus more on hip hop with folk motifs and elements from Ukrainian traditional music.
    MC KylymMen/Vlad Kurochka serves in the Territorial Defense Forces around the capital Kyiv.
    As a result, when the group left the country for the competition, another dancer stood in for Kurochka as MC KylymMen.
    'Stefania' was written as a tribute to Psiuk's mother, but has been re-purposed as a rallying cry for Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia.
    'Stefania' became the first song with rap lyrics to win the contest, as well as the winning song with the highest number of televote points in the history of the contest.
    Piers Morgan whined that they only won due to 'the sympathy vote.'

Credit: BoyWiththeGreenHair

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