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Emma Slater

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The Resume

Why she might be annoying:

    At 15, she appeared in a George Michael video.
    Her chemistry with Alek Skarlatos during the partner switch-up week (Season 21) led to dating/romance rumours.
    She resembles a younger Teri Garr.
    She dated and broke up with fellow dancer Sasha Farber, then got back together with him.
    She is a yoga fanatic, doing it at least six times a week.
    She drinks tea constantly and it has to be hot, not warm.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She appeared in the movie production 'Mamma Mia.'
    She has a twin named Kelly.
    She won the British Under 21 Latina American Championship at 16 and United Kingdom Under 21 Latin American championship a year later.
    She loves Chinese food.
    Sasha proposed to her on the show during Season 23.
    Her Season 18 run was cut short due to partner's Billy Dee Williams' injury.
    She worked well with Rick Perry despite his awkwardness and lack of grace.

Credit: battyx3

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