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London, England

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The Resume

    (circa 50 BC- )
    First developed by the Romans as Londinium
    First iteration of St. Paul's Cathedral built (Circa 604)
    Destroyed by the Vikings (851)
    Captured by Alfred the Great, recaptured by the Vikings, captured by the Anglo-Saxons, captured by the Normans
    Expanded greatly by Elizabeth I; Population reached 200,000
    Great Fire of London destroyed much of the city (1666)
    Population reached 750,000 (1720), 2.7 million (1851), 6.6 million (1901) and 7.5 million (1921)
    Last of medieval buildings replaced during the 1700s
    Metropolitan police organized (1829)
    Site of major development during the Industrial Revolution
    Hosted the Great Exhibition of 1851 in the Crystal Palace
    First subway completed (1863)
    Bombed by the Germans during World War I and World War II
    Population is currently about 7.1 million
    Heathrow Airport opened (1946)
    First double-decker buses appeared (1956)
    Thames Barrier to control flooding built (1982)
    Millennium Dome, a life museum, completed (2000)
    Capital of the United Kingdom
    Major attractions include Buckingham Palace, the Parliament buildings, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Big Ben, Christopher Wren's 49 churches and St. Paul's Cathedral
    The river Thames flows through London

Why London, England might be annoying:

    The cost of living is very high and continues to rise.
    It has been losing population since World War II.
    The government dismantled the Crystal Palace because they feared it would be a German bombing target.
    During the Victorian era, its factory working conditions were extremely unpleasant.
    A major strike plagued the city in 1926 and the military was forced to enter the city to maintain basic services.
    Many cities in foreign countries copy its name.
    Before the Clean Air act of 1956 there was smog that had very detrimental effects on many of the city's residents.
    A fatal police shooting of a civilian led to widespread rioting (August 2011).

Why London, England might not be annoying:

    Pollution is kept at a minimum thanks to a ban on fuel that generates soot.
    Food, art and other goods can be found from almost anywhere in the world.
    Its ceremonial guards are also capable of security duty since they carry assault rifles.
    It is the best-known and wealthiest city in Britain.
    It hasn't been captured by a foreign army in almost 1000 years.
    One of the first subways in the world was built there.
    It has some of the world's most recognizable police officers.
    Many of the world's historical treasures are preserved in London.
    It was a major destination for Jews seeking to escape Nazi persecution.

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