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Clark Gable

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The Resume

    (February 1, 1901-November 16, 1960)
    Birth name was William Clark Gable
    Won the 1934 Oscar for Best Actor (It Happened One Night)
    Starred in 'Gone With the Wind,' 'Dance, Fools, Dance,' 'Mogambo,' 'Hold Your Man,' 'Men in White,' 'Idiots Delight,' 'Strange Cargo,' 'The Misfits; and 'Betrayed'

Why he might be annoying:

    He was married five times.
    He was Adolf Hitler's favorite actor.
    He and Loretta Young had a daughter out of wedlock.
    He preferred much older women.
    His first wife was 14 years older than him and his second wife was 11 years his senior.
    His birth certificate mistakenly labeled him female.
    One of the best kept secrets in Hollywood was that Gable wore false teeth throughout his film career.
    His favorite wife, Carole Lombard, said he was not very good in bed.
    Actress, Mary Astor, used a star system to rate her lovers, Clark got zero stars.
    He had huge ears.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He ranked #36, in Empire Magazine's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars of All Time..
    David O. Selznick said of him: 'Oh, Gable has enemies all right, but they all like him!'
    He enlisted in the air corp and received a Distinguished Flying Cross for his bombing raids over Nazi Germany.
    He won a gold medal at a skeet shoot (49 hits out of 50).
    He showered several times a day.
    His only son was born after he passed away.

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