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The Resume

    (1883- )
    Formerly known as the Philadelphia Blue Jays and Philadelphia Quakers
    At the end of 2003 season they won 8,505 games and lost 9729
    World Series victories (1980, 2008)
    World Series Defeats (1915, 1950, 1983, 93)
    Playoff defeats (1976, 77, 78, 81)
    Players include Jimmie Foxx, Dick Allen, Chuck Klein, Bob Boone, Greg Luzinski, Lenny Dykstra, Pete Rose, Richie Ashburn, Mike Schmidt, Tim McCarver, Ryan Howard
    Pitchers include Robin Roberts, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Jim Bunning, Tug McGraw, Steve Carlton and Curt Schilling
    Barney Dreyfuss & James Potter bought the Phillies for $170,000 (February 28, 1903)

Why they might be annoying:

    They tend to be ignored when discussing the least successful franchises in sports history.
    They are the last of the original sixteen teams to win a World Series.
    Up until 1980 they only won a single World Series game (October 8, 1915).
    Their first World Series victory is somewhat tainted in that their opponent, the Kansas City Royals star George Brett, saw very limited playing time due to hemorrhoids.
    Their most popular fan days are when they have fireworks.
    They give the Phillie Phanatic his own page in their yearbook.
    In February of 1942, the Phillies officially changed their name to the Phils, but it didn't catch on.
    They were the last NL team to resist integration as John Irwin Kennedy became their first African-American player (April 22, 1957).
    J. Boozer was ejected prior to a game for throwing spitballs during his warmup (May 1, 1968).
    For one day, the Phillies wore a burgundy uniform, then the uniforms were never seen again (June 9, 1979).
    In 1887, the NY Giants beat them 29-1 (June 15).
    During 1961, they lost twenty-three straight games.
    Despite scoring 23 runs, they lost a record highest scoring major-league game 26-23 against the Cubs (August 25, 1922).
    The Phillies have to be among the least creative nickname in the history of sports.
    In 1943, they changed their name to the Blue Jays, which lasted two years until they revert back to the Phillies.
    They played games that ended at 3:15 A.M. (September 26, 1975), 3:11 A.M. (June 9, 1980) and 2:13 A.M. (July 26, 1988).
    During 1960, they lost for sixteen straight Sundays.
    In 1972, Steve Carlton won 27 games (almost ½ of their 59 wins).
    The pitchers walked seventeen Dodgers in a game (August 26, 1903).
    After the Dodgers and Giants left New York, the Phillies agreed to televise 78 games into New York City, but it never happened (January 21, 1958).
    They are the first pro sports team to lose 10,000 games (July 15, 2007).

Why they might not be annoying:

    They lost 6-1 to the Giants in the quickest game ever, 51 minutes (September 28, 1919).
    They have arguably the best mascot in sports, the Phillie Phanatic.
    In one of the most lopsided trades in baseball, the Cards traded future hall of famer Steve Carlton to the Phillies for Rick Wise (February 25, 1972).
    Phillies' Hugh Mulcahy was the first baseball player drafted into WW II.
    They were the first team to play the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field and they won 1-0 (April 9, 1913).
    They were the first team to play the Houston Astros at the Houston Astrodome and they won 2-0 (April 12, 1965).
    Thirty-nine year old Pete Rose stole second, third and home in the same inning (May 11, 1980).
    During the 1960s, Larry Jackson beat the NY Mets eighteen straight times.
    Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game against the NY Mets on Fathers' day (June 21, 1964).
    In one of the greatest comebacks, the Pirates score 10 in top of 1st, but lost 15-11 to the Phillies (June 8, 1985).
    Losing by nine runs in the eighth, they score 4 in the eighth and and 6 in ninth to win 12-11 (June 23, 1961).
    Losing 7-0, they scored 8 in bottom of ninth to win 8-7 (June 28, 1923).
    They overcame the Mets' 7 game lead with 17 games left to play to win the NL East Division title (2007).

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