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The Resume

    (July 5, 1991- )
    Approved as a National League team (July 5, 1991) and known as the Florida Marlins for 19 seasons
    Made major league debut on April 6, 1993
    Two time National League Champions (1997, 2003)
    Two-time World Series Champions (1997, 2003)
    World Series MVPs were Livan Hernandez (1997) and Josh Beckett (2003)
    Al Leiter (1996), Kevin Brown (1997) and A.J. Burnett (2001) have thrown no-hitters
    Jeff Conine was named NL All-Star game MVP (1995)

Why they might be annoying:

    Owner H. Wayne Huizenga said that he was losing 30-some million dollars in 1997 to Joe Robbie Stadium even though he owned the stadium.
    From the 1997 World Series team up until now, the Marlins had been a team that average a few thousand people per night and around trade-deadline time are more than happy to unload on good players with medium-to-high salaries.
    They play in a stadium built for football and in the middle of the ghetto.
    They were compared to Walter Mathau's Bad New Bears (1997).
    They are constantly battling with the city of Miami for a new ballpark.
    After winning the World Series, their fans spent the whole night driving down the streets of Miami honking their horns preventing people from going to sleep. (2003)
    Beckett mumbled the word 'shit' in his post-game interview after game 6 of the 2003 World Series.

Why they might not be annoying:

    After owner H. Wayne Huizenga came out and said that he was going to lose 30-some million dollars that year, he committed himself to make a run for the playoffs and then deal with the situation after the season ended. They ended up winning the NL Wild Card, beating the Giants and Braves in the National League playoffs, and then beating the Indians in 7 games for the World Series championship.
    They won the World Series in their first attempt.
    Their World Series game 7 was one of the most exciting baseball games ever, coming down to the Marlins' final at bat against the opposing teams closer.
    Jeff Conine was snubbed from playing in his first All-Star game, but in the following year won MVP honors by hitting the game-winning home run, making him the only Marlin to win that honor.
    They were the fastest expansion team to win the World Series until the Arizona Diamondbacks did it a few years later.
    They have arguably one of the best farm systems.
    Second baseman Luis Castillo had a 35-game hit streak which was the longest by any second baseman ever and was also the longest hit streak since 1987.
    They to this day provide bobble-heads of former fan favorites, like Craig Counsell, Edgar Renteria, Benito Santiago and Jeff Conine.
    They won their first six playoff series.
    Despite being underdogs they managed to beat the odds three straight times during the 2003 playoffs by beating the Giants, the Cubs and the Yankees.

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