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Nellie Kim

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The Resume

    (July 29, 1957- )
    Born in Chimkent, Kazakhstan
    Won three gold medals and a silver at the Montreal Olympics (1976)
    Won two gold medals at the Moscow Olympics (1980)
    Coached the Belarus national team (1993-95) and consulted for the teams of South Korea and Italy
    Gymnastics judge
    Elected president of the Women's Artistic Gymnastics Technical Committee of the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG)

Why she might be annoying:

    Larissa Latynina said, 'As for Kim, there is no future for her' (1970).
    She had to drop out of gymnastics for most of a year when she developed an ulcer from stress (1979).
    She talked to rival Nadia Comaneci only once: when they shared the podium after tying for gold in floor exercises (1980).
    Her judging license was temporarily suspended for allegedly favoring Soviet competitors (1990).
    She helped design a major overhaul of the gymnastics scoring system that has been controversial among both fans and athletes (2006).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was the first woman in Olympic history to score perfect 10s on the vault and in floor exercises (1976).
    Latynina later called her style 'sparkling' and 'cheerful.'
    She noted that she does not draw a salary from FIG and works for love of the sport.
    Nelly Furtado was named after her.

Credit: C. Fishel

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