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The Resume

    Formed with the arrival of the Angles and Saxons
    Part of the United Kingdom
    First 'modern' inhabitants were the Celts
    Jutes settled around the same time as the Anglo-Saxons

Why England might be annoying:

    Although they invented the English language, it is often hard for Americans to understand anything they say.
    After more than 1000 years of existence, they still have yet to master the art of cooking or dentistry.
    It was at war with France for more than 100 years, during which they were defeated by Joan of Arc.
    It once battled the Danes for more than 200 years for control of England.
    It once used privateers (pirates that were authorized by the government) to plunder enemy ships during wars, and it encouraged its colonies, even the ones in America, to do the same.
    Its monarchs tend to all have the same name (Henry, William, Edward, George, etc.)
    It has guards at Buckingham Palace who never smile, no matter what is going on.
    The famed London Bridge was literally falling down in the mid-20th century, so they sold it to an American, who had the entire bridge moved completely out of England.
    They drink a lot of tea and eat a lot of crumpets.
    Its royal family has been mired in scandal after scandal for ages.

Why England might not be annoying:

    Its monarchy has been around since 829 AD.
    The monarchy was overthrown in 1649, but it returned ten years later, establishing the period known as the 'Restoration.'
    The king/queen of England now presides over all of Great Britain.
    People refer to its capital as 'London, England,' as opposed to 'London, UK', or 'London, Great Britain.'
    Almost all the influence from the Roman empire is visible exclusively in England (it was ruled by the Romans from 43 AD-410 AD).
    The Magna Carta, signed there in 1215, influenced other great documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.
    It formed its own church (Anglicans) during the reign of Henry VIII.
    William Shakespeare came from the English town of Stratford-upon-Avon.
    The Canterbury Tales come from there, and were written in Middle English.
    The Industrial Revolution was started in England in the 19th century.
    It once had one of the greatest Navies the world has ever seen.
    Modern-day soccer originated in England.
    The English soccer team won World Cup in 1966, the year England hosted the event.
    It has one of the most famous soccer leagues in the world (English Premier League).
    It's famous for English muffins.
    Its native tongue is one of the most used languages of today.
    English common law formed the basis for America's democratic republican government.
    Its people are generally considered highly sophisticated.

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