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Stubby Kaye

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The Resume

    (November 11, 1918-December 14, 1997)
    Birth name was Bernard Katzin
    Best know roles were as Nicely Nicely Johnson in 'Guys and Dolls (1955)' and Marvin Acme in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)'
    Appeared in 'Taxi (1953),' 'You Can't Run Away from It (1956),' 'Li'l Abner (1959),' 'The Cool Mikado (1962),' '40 Pounds of Trouble (1962),' 'Sex and the Single Girl (1964),' 'Cat Ballou (1965),' 'The Way West (1967),' 'Sweet Charity (1969),' 'Cool It Carol! (1970),' 'Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County (1970),' 'Sixpack Annie (1975)' and 'Timber Tramps (1975)'
    Hosted two kiddie TV shows in the '60s; 'Stubby's Silver Star Show' in the UK and 'Shenanigans' in the US

Why he might be annoying:

    When choosing a stage name he must have thought 'Chunky Kaye,' 'Doughy Kay,' Lumpy Kaye' or 'Butterball Kaye' were too over the top.
    Typical of a vaudeville comedian, he married a chorus girl.
    He played a character called 'Fat Writer' in the painfully titled movie 'Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? (1969).'
    He guarded the identity of his real name to the grave. Some biographies claim his last name listed as 'Kotzin.'

Why he might not be annoying:

    He had a smooth tenor singing voice.
    He reprised both his Broadway roles in 'Guys and Dolls' and 'Li'l Abner' in film versions.
    He survived several strokes in the '90s, but died of lung cancer at age 79.
    He was afforded a memorial tribute at the 70th Annual Academy Awards (1998).
    He got to play 'patty-cake' with Jessica Rabbit (lucky stiff).

Credit: Scar Tactics

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