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Ken Dodd

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The Resume

    (November 8, 1927-March 11, 2018)
    Birth name is Kenneth Arthur Dodd
    Had a UK number one hit with 'Tears' (1964)
    Hosted TV's 'Funny You Should Say That,' 'World of Laughter' and 'Showbiz'
    Released his live charity performances 'An Audience with Ken Dodd' and 'Another Audience with Ken Dodd'
    Acted in the films 'The Ninja Mission (1984),' 'Hamlet (1996),' 'The Canterbury Tales' and Alice in Wonderland'

Why he might be annoying:

    His nickname is Doddy.
    He carries a feather duster, which he calls his 'tickle-stick.'
    He has a puppet named 'Dicky Mint' which he calls his 'Diddy friend.'
    He often speaks about a fictional race of men called 'The Diddy men.'
    His catch phrase is 'How tickled I am.'
    He has bad teeth.
    His comedy is camp and consists of old fashioned music hall jokes.
    He dresses in bright colors.
    His audiences consist mostly of upper class English society who find his shows trendy.
    His bad teeth are the result of riding a bike with his eyes shut on a dare as a child.
    He thinks ventriloquists are still funny.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is considered by many to be Britain's king of comedy.
    He has performed for the Queen of England.
    He entertained children for years.
    He raises money for many charities.
    He put his home town of Knotty Ash on the map.
    He has lasted on England's comedy circuits for over 30 years.
    He released 2 serious music albums.

Credit: Fandango

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