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Chelsea Townsend

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TV Reality Show Contestant

The Resume

Why she might be annoying:

    She received very little air time, getting one confessional every three episodes.
    She listed food as one of the three things she'd bring to the island, clearly forgetting the purpose of the reality show.
    The editing in her boot episode made it appear that Wendell would be going home that night, as the remaining females were talking about getting rid of the men.
    She is yet another Parvati fan.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was a cheerleader for the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Rams.
    With her brunette mane, perfect eyebrows, long lashes and alluring smile, she bears a slight resemblance to Megan Fox.
    She describes her family as very loving.

Credit: Gregg & battyx3

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