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Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

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The Resume

    (October 5, 1970- )
    Formerly NET-National Educational Television(1952-69)
    Usually Channel 13 or on UHF
    Originally funded by the Ford Foundation

Why Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) might be annoying:

    All those pledge drives!
    Most of the stuff they air is really just British and old 50's shows like 'Your Show of Shows' and 'You Bet Your Life.'
    They put the Teletubbies and Barney on the air.
    Child psychologists disapprove of Teletubbies, feeling that children under 1 should not watch TV at all.
    Although they claim to be non-commercial, they accept corporate contributions and give mentions to corporations that include slogans and corporate mascots, at the expense of the taxpayers!
    Having come under right-wing attacks, they cut off funding to Tales of the City 2 and opted instead to air a cheesy game show called 'Think Twice.'

Why Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) might not be annoying:

    They give us 'Nova,' 'Masterpiece Theater,' 'Sesame Street,' 'Mister Rogers' and 'Carmen Sandiego.'
    They aired the first reality TV show 'An American Family' about the Loud family.
    They featured many documentaries including those by Ken Burns.
    Right-wingers cut off their government funding.
    It is one of the few independent television networks left.
    Its shows are mostly designed for the intelligent crowd.
    It is voluntary to contribute to them.
    Commercials are not aired during programs.
    Credit: Tony Dumont
    1988 - TV Worth Watching
    2001 - Stay Curious
    2002 - We are PBS
    2004 - Be More ... PBS

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