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Why The Office (US) might be annoying:

    Many fans of the original show were pissed when it was announced that an American version would air (remember NBC's version of 'Coupling')?
    The pilot episode was practically a line by line redux of the original British version.
    The boss, Michael Scott, often (unknowingly) makes sexist and racist remarks.
    The show tanked in its first season.
    It was cancelled by Australia networks after only one episode.
    The series thrives on long, embarrassing and uncomfortable silences.

Why The Office (US) might not be annoying:

    Despite initially low ratings, NBC stuck with it, and soon it became a success.
    Steve Carell won a Golden Globe for his performance.
    NBC moved it to Thursday in the coveted 'Must See TV' lineup.
    The show has received critical acclaim.
    Ricky Gervais, star and co-creator of the original series, supports the show and announced that he would be penning a script (2006).
    It is shot single camera with no laugh track.
    It is NBC's most downloaded series on 'ITunes.'
    Steve Carell only watched about half of the original British pilot episode because he didn't want to feel that he was copying Ricky Gervais' mannerisms.
    An episode titled 'Sexual Harassment' was banned from airing in Kentucky.

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