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Ottawa RedBlacks

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The Resume

    (2013- )
    Member of the CFL
    Third CFL franchise in Ottawa following the Rough Riders (1876-1996) and the Renegades (2002-06)
    One Grey Cup Championship (2016)

Why Ottawa RedBlacks might be annoying:

    They are the third CFL franchise in the City of Ottawa.
    They originally wanted to reuse the Rough Riders nickname, but the Saskatchewan Roughriders successfully petitioned the league office to block the use, claiming it infringed on their brand.
    They ripped off the New Zealand All Blacks nickname to come up with RedBlacks.
    They were initially supposed to play their inaugural season in 2013, but due to politics and construction delays at their home stadium, they were forced to wait until 2014.
    Their uniforms sport a similar color scheme to those of the Atlanta Falcons.

Why Ottawa RedBlacks might not be annoying:

    Unlike the ownership groups which drove the previous franchises into the ground, the CFL awarded the expansion franchise to an ownership group who had solid credentials in the City of Ottawa.
    They successfully purchased the history and records of the Rough Riders from the franchise's previous owner Horn Chen, but despite rumors to the contrary, they are not a continuation of the old Riders franchise.
    Since Ottawa is a bilingual city, their name translates to the Ottawa Rouge et Noir in French.
    Their franchise logo and color scheme pays tribute to the old Rough Riders, who were one of the CFL's oldest franchises prior to their contraction in 1996.
    They continue the Rough Riders and Renegades franchises natural rivalry with the Montreal Alouettes.
    They made their first Grey Cup appearance in only their second CFL season.

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