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Frances Sternhagen

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The Resume

    (January 13, 1930-November 27, 2023)
    Born in Washington, District of Columbia
    Portrayed Esther Clavin on 'Cheers,' Bunny McDougal on 'Sex and the City,' Millicent Carter on 'ER,' Charlotte Babineaux on 'Road Home' and Millie Sprague on 'Spencer'
    Acted on soaps as Jessie Reddin on 'The Secret Storm,' Jane Overstreet on 'Another World' and Toni Prentiss Davis on 'Love of Life'
    Performed on Broadway in 'Equus,' 'On Golden Pond,' 'The Good Doctor,' 'Angel,' 'Morning's At Seven' and 'You Can't Take it With You'
    Acted in 'Rising Place (2002),' 'Laramie Project (2002),' 'Landfall (2001),' 'Midnight Gospel (2000),' 'Curtain Call (1999),' 'Raising Cain (1992),' 'Golden Years (1991),' 'Walking the Dog (1991),' 'Doc Hollywood (1991),' 'Misery (1990),' 'Sibling Rivalry (1990),' 'Follow Your Heart (1990),' 'Communion (1989),' 'See You in the Morning (1989),' 'Bright Lights, Big City (1988),' 'Independence Day (1983),' 'Outland (1981),' 'Starting Over (1979),' 'Fedora (1978),' 'Hospital (1971)' and 'Up the Down Staircase (1967)'

Why she might be annoying:

    She gave birth to six children.
    She dislikes flying coast to coast. She said she is envious of those who live in London and can travel anywhere in their country in less than five hours.
    She is typecast as a mom.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She taught acting, singing and dancing.
    She received five Tony nominations.
    She won a TONY for 'The Good Doctor.'
    She graduated Vassar College.
    Even in her seventies, she used mass transit to get to Broadway.
    Her daughter, Amanda Carlin, had a recurring role on 'Friends' as Rachel's OB/GYN.

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