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Sebastian Bach (Vocalist)

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The Resume

    (April 3, 1968- )
    Birth name is Sebastian Philip Bierk
    Raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
    Lead singer of heavy metal band Skid Row
    Recorded 'Youth Gone Wild' and 'I Remember You'
    Performed on Broadway in 'Jekyll & Hyde'

Why he might be annoying:

    He is self described as 'obsessed, volatile, young, insatiable and extremist.'
    His advice for aspiring musicians: 'Quit school, quit your job, move to a big city, meet other musicians, practice your instrument, and you will make it.'
    He blew a massive gasket on camera when his band was mentioned in the same sentence as Poison, when a music interviewer brought up the subject of fellow 80's rock bands.
    He has many tattoos, including a 'Maria' tattooed on his neck and Chinese signs in other places.
    During a concert in Springfield, Massachusetts, he was hit with a bottle that was thrown from the audience. He grabbed the bottle, threw it back into the crowd and severely injured a female fan (1989).
    He wore a t-shirt that read 'AIDS Kills Fags Dead' on MTV (early 1990's), citing he thought it was 'funny.' He named his children Paris and London.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He has the same moniker as the classical composer.
    Despite his former bad-boy behavior, he feels at home on the Broadway stage.
    He tamed his life and appearance and pursued a successful career in Broadway acting.
    He was a choir boy while growing up.
    His brother, Zac Bierk, plays hockey in the NHL.

Credit: BattyX3 and His Name is Robert

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