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Emmanuel Macron

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World Leader

The Resume

    (December 21, 1977- )
    Born in Amiens, France
    Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron
    Deputy Secretary General under President Hollande (2012-2014)
    Minister of the Economy and Industry under Prime Minister Valls (2014-2016)
    Founder and President of the political party, 'En Marche!' (2016-2017)
    Elected President of France (May 7, 2017); Re-elected (April 24, 2022)
    Investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque (2008-2012)

Why he might be annoying:

    He's a pretty boy who started a party sharing his own initials.
    He kicked off his political career as a member of France's Socialist Party.
    He was booed while visiting his hometown to visit striking factory workers.
    He married his former high school French-drama teacher; a woman 24 years his senior (two of his step children are older than him).
    He sold himself as a political outsider despite being a former two-time staffer from the outgoing Hollande administration.
    He ran a scorched earth campaign against rival Marine Le Pen, whom he called 'a parasite' and 'a liar' before implying that she would drive France into the throes of 'a civil war.'
    He ran as an Independent but also received substantial support from the establishment, including outside entities like the European Commission and former President Barack Obama (whose phone call he made public on Twitter). That got him labeled a Globalist.
    Most visibly he was embraced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom he met within a day of officially becoming President. That got him labeled 'Merkel's bitch.'
    He was billed by media outlets as having a 'bromance' with fellow metrosexual, Canada's PM Justin Trudeau (with whom he was seen fawning over Chancellor Merkel at his first NATO Summit).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is an accomplished pianist.
    He studied Philosophy at the University of Paris-Ouest Nanterre, where he obtained a DEA degree.
    He earned a Masters degree in Public Affairs from the elite Sciences Po, in 2004.
    He was elected to his country's highest office despite having no previous elective experience.
    His election win was threatened by last-minute hacks of his campaign.
    At 39, he has become the youngest President in the history of France, surpassing the record held by Louis Napoleon in 1848.
    His election win was hailed as 'a victory for European centrism' at home and abroad (in the wake of both Brexit and the 2016 US Presidential election).
    He released a statement criticizing President Donald Trump's decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Accords, inviting American scientists to visit France, and saying: 'Tonight, I wish to tell the United States: France believes in you. The world believes in you. I know that you are a great nation. I know your history, our common history.'

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