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M.C. Hammer

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The Resume

    (March 30, 1962- )
    Birth name is Stanley Burrell
    Recorded 'Can't Touch This,' 'Too Legit To Quit,' 'Pray,' and 'Addam's Family'
    Batboy for the Oakland A's (1974)
    Owned the record label, Bust-It Records

Why he might be annoying:

    He went from ultra-cool to major dork.
    He became Evander Holyfield's boxing promoter.
    He lived a lavish lifestyle and went bankrupt (1997).
    His life is the subject of a VH1 'rise and fall' biopic movie.
    He dropped the M.C. from his name because he wanted a tough guy image, then brought it back when the gimmick failed.
    Gave society the unnecessary catch phrase 'It's Hammer Time' (me thinks he ripped off Miller Time).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was celebrated for his on stage dance performances.
    He grew up in a ghetto in Oakland, California.
    On his album, 'War Chest: Turn of the Century,' he collaborates with the (somewhat) late Tupac Shakur (2001).
    He is credited as one of the first rap stars to reach mass audiences.

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