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Ted Bundy

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The Resume

    (November 24, 1946-January 24, 1989)
    Burin in Burlington, Vermont
    Killed and sexually abused many women (1973-80)
    Executed at 42

Why he might be annoying:

    As a teenager, he was fired from a few jobs for being unreliable.
    He plotted revenge on his first real love, Stephanie, who dumped him in 1969.
    He dropped out of school after she dumped him (1968).
    He kept in contact with her and she fell back in love with him.
    In February 1974, when she was deeply in love with him, he dumped her without warning.
    He started his murder spree in 1973, and killed at least 9 women by the end of 1974.
    He was convicted of kidnapping in 1976 and sentenced to 15 years.
    While in prison, detectives started mounting evidence that Bundy had killed many women and charged him with murder (1977).
    With the new charges against him, he asked for and was given rights to use the prison library, but that was a ruse to escape from prison.
    He escaped June 7, 1977, but was recaptured a few days later.
    On December 30th, he escaped again.
    He moved to Tallahassee, Florida under the alias Chris Hagen, got an apartment and used stolen credit cards to furnish it (1978).
    For two months in Florida, he brutalized and killed a number of young women, before he was caught again.
    He was found guilty of murder in 1980 and executed (January 24, 1989).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was born to an unwed mother.
    As a child, he was shy and constantly bullied, but still maintained high grades and received a scholarship to the University of Puget Sound (1966).
    He found out that the person he thought was his sister was really his mother (1969).
    He once saved a three year old from drowning.

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