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Ashlee Simpson

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The Resume

    (October 3, 1984- )
    Acted in 'DreamChaser Tour (2002)' and 'The Hot Chick (2002)'
    Portrays Cecilia on '7th Heaven'
    Sings 'Pieces of Me,' 'Boyfriend,' 'Shadow' and 'L.O.V.E.'
    Married Diana Ross's son, Evan (August 30, 2014)

Why she might be annoying:

    When a technical glitch on SNL prevented her from lip syncing, instead of singing, she walked off stage disgusted. She previously claimed that she doesn't lip sync (October 23, 2004).
    She was quoted in Lucky Magazine saying: 'I'm totally against it and offended by it. I'm going to let my real talent show, not just stand there and dance around. Personally, I'd never lip-sync. It's just not me.' - What a hypocrite!
    At the end of the SNL she placed blame on her band for playing the wrong song.
    Her recording company blamed the snafu on hitting a vocal backing track rather than a percussion track.
    SNL said that she used 'a guide-vocal track, to augment her voice,' and was not lip syncing. Although viewing her first performance of the night, she not only lip sync but did it poorly.
    She claimed her voice suffered stress from a heavy promotional tour.
    Her father/manager claimed she suffers from acid reflux and thus was unable to perform on SNL. Yet she was able to perform in an earlier skit and her voice sounded ok when she blamed the band.
    Two days later to prove she can sing live, she sung on the Radio Music Awards - October 25, 2004 (what happened to all the stress? acid reflux problems? need of a backing vocal? band screw up? etc.)
    She is Jessica Simpson's little sister.
    She started dancing at four years old and was home schooled.
    She enjoys vintage shopping and being in a punkrawker band.
    She spent three years dancing and singing on tour in her sister's shadow.
    She used her sister's status to gain recognition.
    Her toast at her sister's wedding was 'You know....when Jess and I were little kids...we used to take baths together, its not fair - now Nick gets to take baths with her!'
    She and Jessica Simpson appeared together on Saved By The Bell, The Donny & Marie Show, The Rosie O'Donnell Show and The View.
    She has her navel pierced.
    She has a tattoo.
    Her father Joe Simpson is her manager.
    Her performance at the Orange Bowl was so horrendous that the fans booed her (January 4, 2005).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She is described as 'fiery and blunt.'
    She had a show on MTV.
    She has at least fifty websites 'devoted to her name.'
    Her interests are singing, time with friends and writing.
    Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees was her brother-in-law.
    She was the youngest person accepted to the School of American Ballet at eleven.
    She said 'I know exactly what's under this t-shirt, but I'm going to keep it under wraps. Maybe i'll take few pictures for myself, because I have to tell you, I do have great tits! I am 19, after all.'
    She wrote on her web site 'I think it was silly of me to do it, silly of me to blame the band, I was just so fucking embarrassed. But I don't think it did me much harm, and people will see that soon.'

Credit: Skunk Butt

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