Weekly Top 25

The 2022 Voting System on AmIAnnoying.com

Voting for AmIAnnoying.com will be tallied every few weeks throughout the year. Voting booths will temporarily close while AmIAnnoying.com captures the top 25 profiles on the Most and Least Annoying Lists. After the lists are captured, voting tallies will reset for the next tally. Profiles that make the top 25 on either list will not qualify for voting for until the next tally. This will encourage more variety to each list. These lists will be used at the end of the year to determine the Most and Least of 2022.

Using a web bot or other means to manipulate voting is prohibited and will be dealt with, and may result in the exclusion of abused profiles from the weekly top 25 lists.

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Top 25 Lists for Week Ending: