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Jason Allen Alexander

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The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    His mistaken marriage to Britney Spears was alcohol induced.
    He's not that Jason Alexander! (from Seinfeld)
    He likes to party hard.
    He is known for dancing wildly on top of tables in bars.
    He was arrested for battery after a bar fight on October 25, 2003.
    He has a short fuse and a bad temper.
    His only comment on marrying Spears was that 'I am a stupid man.'
    His 15 minutes of fame barely lasted that long!
    He has poor grammar skills.
    When he married Britney he had a girlfriend and a criminal record.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Hey it could have been worse, she could have married Newman.
    He was Britney's childhood friend.
    He was not known to brag about his affiliation to Spears.
    He plays college football for Southeastern Louisiana University.

Credit: Joe Fernandez

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    In 2005, Out of 333 Votes: 69.07% Annoying
    In 2004, Out of 1074 Votes: 69.27% Annoying