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New Orleans Saints

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Sports Team

The Resume

    (1967- )
    Located in New Orleans, Louisiana
    One Super Bowl championship (XLIV)
    Two retired numbers: Jim Taylor's #31 and Doug Atkins's #81

Why they might be annoying:

    Many of the players they acquired through their expansion draft wound up retiring within the next few years.
    Their mascots, Gumbo and Mambo, are two of the NFL's most non-threatening.
    They spent many years in the NFC's Western Division although being based out of New Orleans.
    Between the years of 1967 and 1976, they had five different head coaches.
    It took over 40 seasons for their first Super Bowl appearance.
    They feel that playing in New Orleans is an advantage for them because of the city's night life.
    After going 3-13 in the 1999 season, owner Tom Brenson fired 22 employees.
    They faced tough sanctions after revelations they had a 'bounty system' in place which rewarded players with money for taking out opposing players with hard hits (March 2, 2012).

Why they might not be annoying:

    John Gilliam returned their opening kick off for a touchdown (1967).
    Tom Dempsey kicked an at-the-time NFL record 63-yard field goal to defeat the Detroit Lions, 19-17 (1970).
    After years of being a laughingstock, they won their first Super Bowl (2010).
    Even though they were often considered underachievers, they maintained a strong fanbase.

Credit: Poeboy and His Name is Robert

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